How Simon Negus and Sabbat Changed Thrash Metal

Simon Negus

Simon Negus bluish rock band on stage

When you think of the evolution of thrash metal as a genre, it is easy to look to bands like Metallica and point out how they influenced music for the better or the worse, depending on your outlook, but the truth of the matter is that bands like theirs and like Slayer are not always the biggest or most important influences in the genre. In fact, if you want to consider a band that has had a major impact on thrash, it is important to look to Simon Negus, Andy Sneap, Simon Jones, and Martin Walkyier- better known as Sabbat.

Sabbat has influenced the genre of thrash metal in a number of ways. Their initial album was packed with high speed guitar riffs and fantastic vocals, and it set a benchmark for debut albums that was all but impossible to surpass. Their second release, Dreamweaver, was a concept album based on a book, and it is considered to this day to be one of the most seminal works in the genre. In fact, Dreamweaver and Sabbat have had a large influence on many thrash bands and are considered to be one of the biggest influences on the hugely successful Cradle of Filth.

Sabbat was invited to support Cradle of Filth for four shows in 2006, and these shows brought their music to an entirely new generation. Both their first album, History of a Time to Come, and Dreamweaver were rereleased in the wake of this increased interest in their work, and the nine tracks from each album were combined with live tracks and improved sound to reintroduce the band to the world. Sabbat’s influence on thrash metal is far larger than most in the industry give the band credit for, but one listen to these two remarkable albums will give you a great idea of just why they are such a beloved part of the genre more than twenty years after their debut album was released.

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