Are Ultra Energy Shots Really Worth the Expense?

We all have days where energy seems to be almost impossible to come by.  Perhaps you had a late night, or maybe the kids kept you up.  Whatever the case, fatigue isn’t an unfamiliar concept for most of us.  Reaching for that cup of morning coffee is almost second nature, and a trip to most convenience stores will show you a wide array of small shots that purport to provide you with ultra energy.  Are these shots really effective?  With such a high price tag for the amount of liquid inside, are they really worth the expense?


First, it is important to look at what is inside one of these shots.  Most contain caffeine, which can also be found in a cup of coffee, but it is the other ingredients that really provide the burst of sustainable energy.  These shots are packed with an array of B-complex vitamins like niacin and B-12, which help you more efficiently convert the energy from your food into energy your body can use.  Calories are, after all, particles of energy, and it is all in what your body does with them.  So, are the shots worth the expense?


In short, that depends on the user.  We are all different and we all have different lifestyles that affect how our bodies will make use of energy shots.  If you are already taking vitamins each morning or if you are one of the many people that skip breakfast and therefore have no extra calories to convert, the shots may not work very effectively for you outside of a burst of caffeine energy.  Combined with a healthy breakfast and enough fluids to keep you hydrated, however, these little bottles really can provide you with the ultra energy you need to make it through anything that your day and your life might throw in your direction!

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