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Child Run Families Have Hope Thanks to Dr. Anita DaSilva Ibru & ERAF

With the devastation of the HIV crisis taking a massive toll on the lives of poor and vulnerable Nigerians, many children are left with no living parents. This has led to a number of households and families being run by older children and teenagers who work very hard to care for the needs of their younger siblings. The Erelu Adebayo Foundation works diligently to provide resources and relief to these child-run families. Founded in 2001 by the wife of the former governor of Ekiti State, Erelu Angela Adebayo, ERAF is a non-profit NGO that focuses on the needs to the vulnerable and underprivileged.


ERAF targets widows and child-run households in areas with high rates of unemployment and HIV cases. They work hard to evaluate and identify the needs of each family and direct them to the most appropriate resources for their situation. Among the many programs that ERAF runs to help these women and children are a jobs skills training for widows and older teenagers that is aimed at giving them the skills they need to generate sustainable income on their own. There is also a feeding program that makes sure that severely malnourished children receive therapeutic food at least twice a day and an orphanage to provide a living home environment for children who need it.


The programs of the Erelu Adebayo Foundation are operated entirely with funds that are donated or obtained from the sponsorship of the 5 member board. The board consists of: Erelu Angela Adebayo, who serves as Chairman; Dr. Anita Kemi DaSilva-Ibru, who holds a Master’s degree in public health from John Hopkins University; Dr. Olusola Bob-Egbe, Medical Director of Faratori Eye Center; Mrs. Ronke Okusanya; and Agatha A. Johnpaul, who serves as Programme Officer. Together these 5 women have made it their mission to do what they can to help the widows and child-run families throughout the country.