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Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru ERAF and Their Work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children

ERAF, or the Erelu Adebayo Foundation, was established in 2001 by Angela Adebayo, the wife of the Ekiti state governor, in order to provide necessary care, training, and services to underprivileged people within the state of Nigeria. While the NGO serves a number of demographics within the Nigerian population, one of the demographics targeted by the organization is orphans and vulnerable children.

The ways in which ERAF helps this population are quite varied. The organization works to help in many ways, evaluating child-run families and providing training and job skills that will enable family members to care for one another, as well as providing training and networking for young girls. The organization also provides education, housing, food, and clothing to orphans and vulnerable children while working to help young girls become more self-reliant and better equipped to care for their families.

While one of the primary goals of ERAF is to help families become self-sustaining, the organization also realizes that immediate needs must be tended to. To this end, feeding programs ensure that children of families working with ERAF are fed at least twice daily using foods that are well researched in the use of treating severe malnutrition and wasting. There are more than 100 orphans and vulnerable children utilizing the ERAF scholarship program in order to attend school, and the organization provides all necessary supplies and uniforms. There is also a children’s orphanage that offers a home environment for orphans until they are matched with loving families.

All of the projects at ERAF are funded through donors and philanthropic donations, and the organization allows both internal and external project supervision. The board members of the organization are Erelu Angela Adebayo- Chairman, Dr. Anita Kemi Dasilva-Ibru, Mrs. Ronke Okusanya, Dr. Olusola Bob Egbe, and Agatha A. Johnpaul- Program Officer. The work they have done in Nigeria is certainly substantial, and is making a large difference in the nation’s most ignored and underserved populations.